Why Do We Believe In The Bible?

We believe in the Bible because someone told us to.

Most believe in the Bible because it is a family tradition. But have you ever questioned the Bible itself.

  • What/who is God?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Who benefits from the Bible?
  • Why is it male-centered?
  • Are heaven, earth and hell real?
  • What happens when we die?

I asked God these questions and many others. And guess what? God told me to tell you to put that DAMN Bible down.

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We must question everything in life — especially the Bible.

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Written by White Men

White men have lied about everything in writings so why believe the Bible?

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In 2016, Gideon’s International distributed 59,460,000 Bibles.


Why is everything male-centered? Who created that standard?

Adam and Eve Story

Females bring forth life. What man can stand the pain of childbirth?

Cheryle Renee Moses

Activist | Digital Content Creator | Empath | Spiritualist
The Bible is a book of experiences, poetry and mythology written by white men. We know white men historically lie about everything, so why do we believe the Bible? God told me to tell you to PUT THAT DAMN BIBLE DOWN and discover the real truth about heaven, hell, earth school and death. Peace and blessings!
Cheryle Renee Moses - <br>Author

“This book will ask you to think beyond
what you have been taught about God.”

— Cheryle Renee Moses

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